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A Catholic Blog of Opinion, Commentary, Criticism, and Venting. CBA 2006 Best Blog by a Woman Happy Catholic – Julie D. BlogShares – Roman Catholic Blog. Rather than simply complain why not start your own awards with categories like worst “neo-catholic” blog and best “true catholic” and “more catholic than the pope” blogs. Catholic , Catholicism , Directory , Blogs , Catholic Blogs This blog was checked and verified to be online on Oct-31-2005 Related Blogs All Too Common (55%). Catholic Blog Directory – Comments, Rating, Information Directory Home. Apologia William Luses Catholic blog aims to present longer, reflective essays. A Catholic Blog of Commentary and Opinion. Another popular Catholic blog; Orson’s Telescope A Mormon blog, with links to many others Jewish Blogs The Velveteen Rabbi http://velveteenrabbi. Catholic Podcasts Ministerial Bloghood A Priestly Blog. CBA 2006 Best Group Blog Shrine of the Holy Whapping 744 Southern Appeal 348 Catholic Ragemonkey 287 Moniales, OP 221 Cosmos – Liturgy – Sex 151. January 31, 2006 2006 Catholic blog awards Shamelessness time: Why not surf over to the 2006 Catholic Blog Awards and nominate “Mirror of Justice” for, say, “Best Blog by a Group”? For Other Catholic Blog List See: The St. Or, more appropriately, “Best Blog By A Catholic Ex-Mormon Who Desperately Wants More Readers. Blogs Parish , self-described as “home to a varied congregation of Catholic weblggers located around the world. 26 A Small Victory blog dreams | Main | Catholic Guilt: The Easter version. CBA 2006 Most Humorous Blog The Curt Jester – Jeff Miller 1125 Danielle Bean – Danielle Bean 630 Catholic News. The official results are in for the 2006 Catholic Blog Awards. A Catholic Blog of Commentary and Opinion Vivificat! Technorati blog finder: catholic currently tracking 31. Catholic Blog Puerto Rico Statehood Estadidad. Maybe the “Catholic Blog Awards” should be re-named the “Neo-Catholic Blog Awards?

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Catholic Blog – A Catholic Blog Of Opinion, Commentary, Criticism, And Venting.
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Catholic Blog Articles:

Sandy Johnson sparked a little holy war on his computer.Last month, the Columbus resident criticized a billboard campaign by Cascade Hills Church on his weblog, calling it “cheesy;” and he questioned if it violated copyright laws because it mimicked the Apple iPod logo. It wasn’t long until the self-described computer geek got the online equivalent of a slapping.”Someone ripped into me for being negative,” he said. One person…

Catholic Blog: Catholics build a `parish’ without walls on Net Spurred by the abuse scandal, an informal network of Web essayists has sprung up, offering a safe place to debate and celebrate their faith
They call it St. Blog’s Parish, but there are no weekly masses, no altar or pews. The only requirements to join are a computer, Internet access and a desire to vent about the Roman Catholic Church. Each of the estimated 85 members in this unofficial cyberspace network has a “blog,” or Web log, an online diary complete with links and reader feedback that is updated daily–commonly through a free Internet program. Launched earlier this…

Catholic Blog: Catholic Church names Joseph Ratzinger to be the next pope.
(COMMERCIAL BREAK) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) ANNOUNCER: The Catholic Church rings in a new era with the election of a new pope. Where will Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger lead his flock as Benedict XVI? In the next 90 minutes, we’ll profile the man, his mission, his conservative views and the challenges ahead.(END VIDEO CLIP) JUDY WOODRUFF, HOST “INSIDE POLITICS”: Welcome to this special expanded edition of INSIDE POLITICS. I’m Judy Woodruff in…

Catholic Blog Articles:

Catholic Blog: You Are What You Click
You Are What You Click.(food pyramid Web site)

Catholic Blog: Make friends with these books
As I do periodically, today I will highlight some worthwhile new books with religious themes. (You’ll find lots more on my blog this weekend. See the …

Catholic Blog: More is good when it comes to mayor’s race
For someone like me, who frequently criticizes the decisions of elected officials, there comes a moment where the arrows don’t fit the quiver anymore.

Catholic Blog: Post Politics Hour;’s Daily Politics Discussion
Byline: Chris Cillizza Don’t want to miss out on the latest buzz in politics? Start each day at wonk central: The Post Politics Hour. Join in each …

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