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French Blog Articles:

French Blog: This idea will surely hit a brick wall
News Item: Wrigley Field installs rotating ad board behind home plate. Then again, www.bigshoulders (“Where Chicago fans ask, ‘Where’s Mine?’ And the answer is, ‘Right here, pal.’ “) suggests what any company might do to set this right: “Buy up all the ad space behind home plate for the season and fill it with a photo of a brick wall. Go ahead and sneak your logo discreetly…

French Blog: Fake blogs of real politicians,  Amid all the hand-kissing, baby-hugging and smear-campaigning, our leaders have no time to blog. So we do it for them
STEPHEN HARPER Conservative Dec. 1: I’m not going to be spending a lot of time on this, although my advisors tell me it’s good for my image to appear “hip” by blogging.They tell me all the young folks out there find it “groovy.” But let me tell you what I think is “groovy.”I think it’s “groovy” when old folks from the suburbs can walk the street…

French Blog Articles:

As their book title, “Wealth Without Worry,” suggests, James N. Whiddon and Lance Alston are doing just fine, thanks. So are their clients. The two …

French Blog: Blog, Blague, Blog
No big surprise, I suppose, in Merriam-Webster’s recent announcement that “blog” was the word most looked up on its Internet sites during the past year.

French Blog: Get fit
jump rope. If you’re time-crunched, you can still do your body good in just six minutes. A recent study found that short bouts of very intense exercise …

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