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Jewish Dating Agency Articles:

Jewish Dating Agency: NEWS
Lift eyes to other issues THE focus on tax reform as a cure-all indicates how far removed politicians are from understanding the everyday problems people face.I work in a welfare agency where ordinary people come through the doors in search of food, support, counselling and housing, among many other things. Tax reform, funnily enough, never gets a mention. Feeding, clothing and housing children, escaping domestic violence and abuse, getting employment or simply getting through another…

Jewish Dating Agency: Dating agencies boom on the web,  Small business
Matchmakers are doing well out of cash-rich, time-poor singles who use the internet to meet potential partners, writes Claire Oldfield EARLIER this month made its British debut. The world’s largest online dating agency, which has successfully matched hundreds of couples, introduced itself to a packed London nightclub in a blaze of noise and colour.Unlike most dotcoms, Udate expects to make a profit early next year. It has a database of 1m paying customers to back…

Jewish Dating Agency: Evening Standard: Founder of Jewishnet
Estimated worth for spring flotation at least pounds 5 million: Ben had to hand over the running of the business to his father and others last year so that he could concentrate on his A-levels. He built the website which claims over 16,000 hits a day in his bedroom for the grand sum of pounds 150. It features a cyber Rabbi, a Jewish dating agency and a business directory and has been backed by City broking firm Durlacher. But that’s not enough for Ben who has launched another…

Jewish Dating Agency: SomeoneJewish,  Faith News
A Jewish dating agency has paid for a 48-sheet advertisement in Golders Green.The poster for “SomeoneJewish” is believed to be the largest advertisement from a Jewish agency in recent history. It reads: Mother still nagging? . . The answer……

Jewish Dating Agency Articles:

Jewish Dating Agency: On Maurice Samuel’s twenty-fifth Yahrzeit – death anniversary of Jewish author
Jewish author Maurice Samuel was born in Rumania in 1895, but grew up in Manchester, England. Although he had been exposed to Jewish professors at Manchester …

Jewish Dating Agency: In litigation over six Gustav Klimt paintings currently in Austrian Gallery but which had been taken from Czech owner after Austria’s annexation by Hitler,
Maria Altmann, 86 years old, is one of the heirs of Ferdinand Bloch, a wealthy Czech sugar magnate. He died in November 1945 in Switzerland, leaving …

Jewish Dating Agency: Stroke claims life of Sandra Corbet: veteran agency producer remembered by friends and colleagues – Obituary
Producer Sandra Corbet dies of stroke at the age of 51 in Los Angeles, CA. Corbet spent 30 years in the advertising industry initially as a staff producer …

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